Saturday, June 23, 2007


I LOVE HEROES! My kids and I just can't stop raving about the TV series Heroes. We sat together through a marathon of the Season 1 episodes and we were all cheering, screaming, laughing, and groaning through the action-packed sequences. It's like XMen meets Mutant X meets Justice League, minus the spandex, hehe! We all can't wait for the next season!

Of course, we all have our favorite heroes. My kids love Hiro coz he's so huggably cute as he provides the comic relief to the show; but we all agreed the most awesome is Peter Petrelli (played by dashing Milo Ventimiglia), (for me, because he's a hottie male nurse, hehe!) and because his power is: he gets to absorb the powers of all those he comes in contact with. How cool is that? Sylar (played by the handsome Zachary Quinto) is also a very powerful villain, almost like Peter's counterpart. But he gets his other powers only if he eats the brains of the people with “special abilities”!

The show starts with these ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary abilities, so what will they do about it? This show celebrates those comic book superheroes we are all so familiar with, and the premise is nothing new, what with the popularity of XMen and “mutations” and “evolutions” both in comic books and video games. But somehow creator Tim Kring managed to infuse the show with freshness and innovative storyline that just keeps the viewers craving for more. Let's face it, the idea of superheroes may be old, exploited, and rehashed to death, but admit it, it still gets us. I mean, who hasn't, at one time or another in his/her lifetime, fantasized about having super powers and secret identities, right? I know I have. And I'm certain the “inner child” inside all of us would agree. And with today's science, who knows? It's the next step in our evolution. You don't really think life has stopped evolving with us, do you? Hey, it could happen. =)


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