Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last year's American Idol Season 7 was better by a mile (remember the two Davids?). I certainly don't think this season has talents who I could say with a certainty will sell records the way David Cook or even Daughtry has. Dunno with you guys but I really like very underrated Kris - he's got sheer artistry, musicality, genuine talent (case in point: his take on Donna Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money"). Adam has showmanship & starpower performance ability but I find his voice shrieky when he hits the high notes, and well, he IS a bit theatrical. Danny's got vetter vocal quality than Adam but his showmanship leaves much to be desired; plus i think he's just getting sympathy votes because of his life story. I think Kris is the dark horse, the underdog. Danny & Adam? Overhyped and overrated, methinks.

Here's what some bloggers have to say: (from

(Cain): To me kris is the most talented of the bunch. good song choice, versatile yet convincing singing. but i’m not sure he can win. he’s not the one everybody is talking about. best doesn’t mean winner, too many have proven this. so sad ai’s been a popularity show for years and it will still be.

Adam’s dramatic performance soon will wear off and his singing style would be hard to fit into the market, if he indeed won the show. Danny has a good voice and a overly marketed story, but he also needs a little change and his cocky attitude won’t get him very far.

(Leigh): People love Adam because he’s different; he’s an entertainer first and foremost. However, I just don’t know what kind of album he would make or if he can really make it in modern music. He’s a great performer and he’s talented, but he’s so theatrical. And Danny Gokey–I am so done with him it’s not even funny.

(John): Kris is my favorite on this show. He seems like a really musical guy and a true talent, not just a vocalist.

(LeMarie): Totally agree with all the comments. Kris is one of the best contestants to hit AI. He is multi-talented and refreshing. AI would be foolish to pass him up.


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