Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes! Kris Allen is in American Idol's Top 3! That's enough for me. I don't care now if he wins or not, he's got loads of talent and I'm still a fan.
I just don't like Adam. He's all pomp and flash, but if anybody could just get their heads out of the clouds (of hype over Adam), they'd realize that between Adam and Danny, Danny's got the better vocal quality. Adam is too flashy and theatrical for my taste, and I find his voice shrieky.
I'm so disappointed in Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. She's so star-struck with Adam she's not being objective. Her bias/favoritism is so brazenly obvious I couldn't believe anything she says. Randy, Paula, and Simon have had their favorites but they don't show it that blatantly. You could see that anything could still hapen with them, unlike with Kara, who is so transparent she already had this season wrapped up with her precious Adam on top. Just for that, if Kris gets booted out, I'd vote for Danny; but you know, Adam could stilll get axed. You never know.


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