Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Darn that Zac Efron! Why was he born so late?

I've seen all 3 High School Musical movies, courtesy of my kids, and I really appreciated Zac Efron. I've also seen him in Hairspray and I thought he really got talent. But it wasn't until I saw his movie "17 Again" that I started to see him in a diferent light. He's one hot, hunky dude! And he's definitely grown up! I can feel my heart fluttering when he walked in slo-mo in that "makeover-to-17" scene. Damn that kid, why did he have to be so darn yummy? And to make matters worse, he was having scenes with this "older" woman that was his movie wife! I could hear myself sigh and groan wistfully. Vanesssa hudgens is one lucky girl! What I would give to be in her shoes for just one day, haha!

Moviewise, the plot is nothing new, another one of those "transformation" movies where the hero finds ways to redeem himself or herself or find a way to redo things in the past...pretty much ho-hum. But casting Zac Efron? That was the saving grace, haha! I find the movie refreshingly funny, and I certainly enjoyed it better than "The Hangover".

Oh, dear, does this mean I'll be collecting Zac Efron movies? Hmmm...we'll see...


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