Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Since the first time I laid eyes on the man of steel, he effortlessly captivated my heart. I fell in love. I first saw him in the pages of a comic book, he was just a cartoon. Nothing prepared me for the magic Hollywood weaved in  the first film Superman The Movie, and I was so young then. Needless to say, I was spellbound. I had since then seen all the Christopher Reeve movies. It broke my heart when he had his injury, and devastated when he died, but not before he made a historic appearance in the series "Smallville".

Clark Kent had such an impact on me that I just found myself naturally gravitating towards men with glasses! Only to find out the harsh reality that Clarks in the real world are so hard to come by. When I went into Journalism for a while, I wanted to be like Los Lane. But again, reality bit hard. I had changed career, and resigned to the fact that there are no Clark Kents in this planet.
I have kids now and we all share the same fascination with Superheroes. They have their generation's slew of Superheroes continuously spewed by Marvel and DC, some are amazing, incredible, uncanny; some are just plain ridiculous. I stuck to my first love, Superman. The 2006 reboot was good, but it didn't compare to the first movie. Brandon Routh was the perfect choice after Christopher Reeve and I would have wanted to see him in more sequels. Unfortunately, the franchise fell prey to the mercurial moods of the powers-that-be in Hollywood. Now there's a new reboot (a re-reboot?). I'm eagerly counting the days til the June 2013 release of "Man Of Steel". The man from Krypton lives on.
As a tribute, I made this video...


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